Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've had several people ask my why I haven't blogged very often or in so long. I'm busy. That's the simplest answer. I homeschool 7-1130, eat lunch 1130-1230, teach piano 1230-430, then there's soccer or church or babysitting or porch nights with friends. At some point I have to shower during the day, so the last thing on my list of things to do is to sit and write, which is actually shameful because I like to. So, I am 'borrowing' something from my Dad this go-round, to make things faster and hopefully it will entertain the millions of people who read this blog. :D

People often ask me what ethnicity I have running through my veins. At least 10 people in my life have told me that I and my daughter Caylea look 'exotic,' which makes me think of exotic plants, which makes me think of those big Venus fly-traps that have been known to eat people. I don't know why my brain goes that route, but that's free association, Tori style.

I've always called myself a mutt, but my Dad recently had his DNA tested just to see which end was up, and here are the results. I must admit that I am not altogether surprised. Italians think I'm Italian. Spanish people think I'm Spanish, Indians think I'm Indian, and I'd be the first one to help a hurt person on the side of the road (Samaritan). :)

If you add Joe's Korean into this mix, his Dad's Tennessee true-blue blood (which is slang for American mutt as well), and whatever my Mom is, which is likely more Irish than anything; then you can only imagine that my children are truly the muttiest mutts of the millennium. :) (I really hope N.Pace read that one. I did that just for her.)

Hey everyone,
We just got the DNA back and it isn’t what I expected! They said they could not rule out (with this test)that we might have a little American Indian, but if we do it is too small an amount to show up. My Y DNA which is dad’s, dad’s, etc comes back to the North Africa-Middle east. My whole DNA, which doesn’t tell what part is what, shows me to be 37% Druze/Iranian. That is right where dad’s DNA pointed. (Some think the Druze are from the Samaritans). So we might have Jewish blood since over 120,000 Druze still live in Israel. The rest of me 63% (Margin of error 14%)Orcadian/Tuscan. Tuscan is the part of Italy where we just spent part of the summer. Orcadian is part of the English-Scottish-Ireland Island area. So eat some pizza, pull on your kilt, and have a jihad with yourselfJ
God bless you all!

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